Pink ink: the golden era for gay and lesbian magazines

This book traces the evolution of Australia’s gay and lesbian publications from smudgy porn sold in brown paper bags to glossy coffee-table magazines proudly on display; from gestetnered newsletters to an industry publishing millions of newspapers each year – that is, until the Internet changed it all.

Did you meet any malagas? A homosexual history of Australia’s tropical capital

‘These conversations with thirteen gay men from the Northern Territory — including a priest, a hustler, the owner of a wine bar, political activists and the first Territorian diagnosed with AIDS — provide a vivid portrait of gay life in Australia’s tropical Top End from the wild days of the Second World War to the present.’ Robert Aldrich

Intimacy, violence and activism: gay and lesbian perspectives on Australasian history and society

In this, the latest in the Gay and Lesbian Perspectives series, researchers explore the rich history of queer Australasia, uncovering photographic records of small-town male intimacy, cases of police entrapment, the mysterious suicide pact of Charles Marks and Edward Feeny, ASIO attempts to grapple with ‘persons with serious character defects’, and previously unexamined political and cultural expressions of gay/lesbian/queer activism over the last four decades.

Dare me! The life and work of Gerald Glaskin

This insightful biography probes the life and work of one of Australia’s most neglected writers, author of twenty major publications including No end to the way (1965), a groundbreaking portrayal of a homosexual relationship. ‘A grand story masterfully told…his management of detail is one of its strengths…quite an amazing accomplishment.’ Robert Dessaix

Free radical: a memoir of a gay political activist

‘Roderic Anderson had an interesting life, which he recalls with stunning and often insightful detail…As a slice of sociological history, his story is inspiring and compelling.’ Leonard Jacobs, Foreword magazine.

After Homosexual: the legacies of gay liberation

Forty years have passed since the publication of Dennis Altman’s crucial text, Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation. On this anniversary, Carolyn D’Cruz and Mark Pendleton have compiled an impressive band of writers, activists, historians and founders of the liberation movement.

Montage of old images on front cover of book

Out in the Valley: Hunter gay and lesbian histories

Australia’s Hunter Valley, with the port city of Newcastle at its mouth, has a colourful—and largely unexplored—queer past. This collection of essays provides a glimpse of a different Hunter Valley—one where intimacy and sociability provide the focus. They take us on a journey from pre-colonial times to the present, through the eyes of the region’s gay and lesbian inhabitants.

Cover of book by Liz Ross, Revolution is for us: the left and gay liberation in Australia

Revolution Is for Us: The Left and Gay Liberation in Australia

“Liz Ross’s provocative book challenges conventional views about the origins of modern Lesbian and Gay movements. Her insights are sure to spark debate among fighters for equal rights and liberation.” – Ali Hogg, Victorian Convenor, Equal Love

Cover of The Travelling Mind of Val Eastwood: glamorous old photo of Val Eastwood

The Travelling Mind of Val Eastwood

‘These stories are the creations of a seeing heart; places and bodies, yearnings and pain, loss and redemption in small places, in dry paddocks, in worn apartments and dusty sea side motels. The stories are embedded in a rich Australian landscape, in their language, in their depiction of the hard knocks of life, in the finding of mateship in the face of huge odds. Eastwood portrays the human need for touch in hard places – sometimes she is funny and sometimes heartbreaking, a writer who knows how to tell a human story.’ Joan Nestle.