The Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives Inc. is a nonprofit incorporated association funded through membership fees and donations. The Victorian AIDS Council provides our current accommodation rent-free and we are grateful for their support.

The Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives Inc. is a deductible gift recipient under Australian taxation law: all donations of A$2.00 or more are tax-deductible. Send donations to PO Box 124, Parkville, VIC 3052 or

The Archives is extremely grateful for your support and we are happy to discuss ways of honouring your contribution through public acknowledgements or dedications.

There are opportunities to sponsor particular projects and events as well. You might also like to commemorate a loved one through your donation, which we are happy to arrange.

Making a bequest to the Archives in your will is a generous way to leave a legacy to the GLBTQ community. We can provide advice and information to assist you in this.

We suggest that people who make the Archives a beneficiary in a will let us know that is the case, and provide us with their executor’s contact details. It is not important for the Archives to know the details of a financial bequest, but it can be helpful, from a planning point of view, for the Archives to know the scope of a bequest relating to archival material.

We also welcome donations of records and artifacts. Our collection policy explains the kind of material we look for, and our collection listings show what we already hold. We encourage potential donors to contact us in advance of sending material.