Thesis Prize

For many years now the Australian Queer Archives has offered a prize for the best fourth year thesis (honours or equivalent — that is, of about 10,000 words) submitted at an Australian University in the field of LGBTIQ studies.

A thesis can be in any discipline and must have as its major concern some aspect of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and/or queer experience, contemporary or historical, in Australia.

Work submitted at an overseas university that meets these criteria will be accepted for consideration.

Theses are retained by the Archives and become part of its collection.

Previous Thesis Prize winners are:

  • 2020: Robin Eames, ‘Harry Crawford v History: Problem Bodies, Queertrans Cosmogonies, and Historiographical Ethics in Cases of Gender Transgression in Late Nineteenth-Early Twentieth Century Australia’
  • 2016/2017: Geraldine Fela, ‘Critical Care: Nurses, their unions and the AIDS crisis’
  • 2015: Michael McDermott, ‘Queerbaiting: Narrative, Fandom and Contests over the meaning of Supernatural’
  • 2014: Benjamin Bolton, ‘Refracting trans gender : the kaleidoscopic experience of gender for assigned female at birth trans people’
  • 2013: Jaan Butler, ‘Oscar Wilde and Australia: colonial homosexuality and masculinity in the late nineteenth century’
  • 2012: Curtis Dickson, ‘”There’s a place for us”: LGBTIQ people’s experiences of belonging and participation in Christian Community in Sydney Australia’
  • 2011: Annaline Pippard, ‘At Coogee’s Ladies’ Baths : or One for the Archive’
  • 2010: Senthorun Sunil Raj, ‘Moving Representations: Queer Refugee Subjectivities and the Law’
  • 2008/2009: Leigh Hetherton, ‘Death of a movement? : The Australian gay movement and its contemporary manifestation’
  • 2007: Simon Matthews, ‘The adventures of Captain Moonlite and his companions : a performed construction of an alternate bushranging masculinity’
  • 2006: Susan Kentlyn, ‘Who’s the man and who’s the woman? : gender and domestic labour in same sex households’
  • 2005: Kate Davison, ‘Pinks under the bed? : Homosexuality, communism and nationalist sentiment in Cold War Australia’
  • 2004: Ewan Evans, ‘(Un)Representing Queer: A Cultural Critique of Representations of Gay Men in the Mainstream Media’
  • 2003: Gilbert Caluya, ‘Memoirs of a Gaysha: losing face on the gay scene’
  • 2002: Danielle Thornton, ‘A Scandalous Trial’
  • 2001: Mark Pendleton, ‘Capitalism and Gay and Lesbian Identity in Japan’
  • 2000: Lyndon Barei, ‘Attribution of culpability in sexual domestic violence: the effects of sexuality and level of resistance’
  • 1999: Lim Hong San, ‘Gendered Aspects of Workplace Culture’